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What makes GroupCoups unique from other online coupons is we are local. Once you start searching our site for deals you will quickly see these are merchants that you know and trust. The best part is they’re probably right around the corner!!! So please take a look around our site and look for deals from trusted merchants in you’re community and start saving! You’ve trusted us on paper, now start saving with us on the web!
How Works
Want to start saving money? It’s easy! You’ve already completed Step 1, you signed up. Once you have joined simply search the categories you are interested in. When you find a deal you want, just click buy. After you have purchased your deal you will be able to print out your GroupCoup and enjoy the savings. It’s that simple!
GroupCoups Promise
We trust our merchants and we stand behind them!
We trust our merchants because we have been doing business with most of them for over 24 years. So we feel confident that you will enjoy your experience with each and every one of them. If for any reason you want to cancel your deal any unredeemed GroupCoup can be returned for a refund within the first seven days after purchase. After that, all sales are final. Your voucher is always worth at least the amount you paid for it.

The Group Coup Voucher
The GroupCoups Voucher is designed to work for both the Purchaser and Advertiser. Once you purchase your deal you can log into your GroupCoups account and download your voucher. You will be updated with any changed via email from our system. As an advertiser your information along with an encrypted voucher ID is printed on each voucher. You want to be sure to record all information when presenteed. No Voucher can be used more than once. View a Sample Voucher Here
The Checkout Process
You want to be sure that you create an account with GroupCoups before checking out and purchasing any voucher. By doing this you ensure that all of your purchases and information is safely secured in our system so that you may access it anytime. If you forget your Voucher you simple login to your account and download it. Once your voucher is used or expired you will no longer be able to use that Voucher. Any questions on the voucher as far as rules, fine print and other advertiser information should be brought to the advertiser themselves. Sign Up For a GroupCoups Account Here.

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